How a Bad User Experience Translates to a Security Risk

April 5, 2018

If you’re fully on board with the idea of a second-line business solution but don’t have a solution that works for both you and your employees, you’re putting your business at risk.

Ensuring user adoption minimizes risk to your business

Isn’t any scenario where you don’t have to provide cell phones to your employees a good one? The answer is no; let’s talk about why.

It’s a great idea to allow your employees and clients to communicate via the method they are most comfortable using, as in, the cell phone that they already own and spend up to five hours a day on. It means they won’t risk missing important calls or texts, even if they are waiting for a flight or running personal errands, because they won’t have to depend on a second device.

It’s a bad idea to offer a communications solution that isn’t easy to use or one that requires action to be taken in order to keep information secure. If there are too many steps involved to reach your company’s second-line app, employees won’t use the interface, and will resort to using their own phone number instead. That exposes your company to all kinds of security risks, from the obvious (malware) to the more subtle (confidential information on your employee’s unsecured personal device.) Let’s take that a step further — what if that employee leaves the company, and takes that information along — as well as the relationship?

Movius MultiLine users don’t have any of the worry of subpar second-line experiences. Personal data is kept personal, and access to a business line is a click away. It’s simple, easy to control and easy to stay compliant.

Movius makes it easy for you to make it easy for your employees. We also make it easy for you to respect their privacy

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