Movius Awarded Patent for Device and Network-Agnostic Voice-Enabled IoT 

June 23, 2021

Expanding the role of voice in the next generation of Internet of Things (IoT), Movius has been awarded a patent for Voice-Enabled IoT. We are thrilled to be endowed US Patent #11032427 for ‘Device and Network-Agnostic Voice-Enabled IoT by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This patent covers communication techniques for enabling mono and bi-directional voice using ultra-low bandwidth on any IoT device through a phone number- over any underlying network, including 5G and Wi-Fi.

Voice is playing a critical role in changing the IoT experience through ways that are more flexible, affordable and faster. Beyond Siri™, Google Home™, Alexa™ and other consumer smart home hubs, voice-enablement is powering the next set of communication services across healthcare, transportation, automotive, financial services, and more.  The fact that Movius has been awarded a patent for Voice-Enabled IoT testifies to our commitment to innovation, building up from out solid foundation. 

Current IoT devices that are enabled for voice recognition or mono-directional voice are usually tied to carrier LTE networks or the SIM. With Movius’ all-software based approach, we can voice enable any IoT device that can be completely decoupled from a specific network, can transition across networks without additional hardware thus prolonging the device life and simplifying the deployment of voice connectivity from anywhere. 

Some of Movius’ current partners include T-Mobile USA, TruPhone, SingTel, China Telecom, Bridge Alliance, Orbic, and BT Global Services. 

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