Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI): Intro

December 1, 2022

Welcome to Demystifying Artificial Intelligence. In this series, we will look at Artificial Intelligence through the lens of practical business applications. 

When many people think of AI, they think of how it has appeared in science fiction and movies. AI seems like a result of a mysterious accident, or the work of mad geniuses. 

In business, we know AI is not about making self-aware robots. Nor does it require madness or genius to understand. Yet, it can be difficult for those outside the field to determine how to parse out the value from the hype. 

Demystifying AI 

We call it “artificial intelligence” because it helps machines reason more like humans. For example, machines used to be limited in their ability to understand speech or identify objects in photographs. 

AI is a collection of several fields of study: Machine Learning, Data Science, Natural Language Processing, and Analytics. These work together to improve a machine’s cognition so it can interact better with human input, produce insights from huge amounts of data, automate processes, and improve human productivity. 

Each post in this series will help you understand how these technologies solve your business problems: 

  1. Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI): Machine Learning
    With Machine Learning, developers feed the machine enough data so that it can learn patterns and relationships. No longer does a programmer need to anticipate all patterns and directly program them in, the machine can figure out the patterns itself.
  2. Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI): Data Science
    In Data Science, analytic techniques for interpreting large amounts of data help make decisions and solve problems. 
  3. Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI): Natural Language Processing
    Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology provides machines with the ability to read, understand and interpret human language. It’s central to Conversational AI and similar applications.
  4. Demystifying Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI Analytics
    Analytics is the study of statistical techniques that predict the likelihood of specified results. This technology provides discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. 

There are many places you can get an intro to AI on the net, but this blog series will be unique because we our series has the needs of business leaders in mind. Come back Thursday, December 8th for the next one. If you want to be notified, please subscribe for updates! Learn more about our products at


Satish Medapati – Head of AI and Data Solutions

Melanie Allen – Product Marketing Content Writer

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