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Movius Accelerates Transition to Remote Work for Tier 1 Banks

June 10, 2020


As Banks Race to Enhance Contact With Customers And Stay Compliant in a New Era for Remote Work, Software Provider Expands Customer Base, Adding Thousands of New Lines Since Late March


CUPERTINO, CALIF. – JUNE 10, 2020 – There is a dramatically accelerated need for simple, secure, and effective communication for regulated industries as they adjust to new remote work realities.  Movius, an emerging leader in cloud-based secure mobile communications software, is helping global Tier 1 banks achieve business continuity and compliant mobile communications for thousands of advisors, wealth managers, and traders working from home.

In the last six weeks alone, Movius has onboarded more than 15,000 advisors, wealth managers, traders, and other front-line workers in finance across North America, Europe, and APAC at top financial services firms including JPMorgan Chase, UBS, Jefferies, and Julius Bär.

Seamless, uninterrupted, and compliant client service is critical for banking institutions – especially when clients are seeking stronger connections than ever with their advisors and bankers. Now that the travel time associated with in-person meetings has been reduced or eliminated with more people working from home, clients have even greater access to advisors’ time via mobile experiences.

With Movius MultiLine, leading banks can enhance communication between their front-line staff and external clients and get newly remote workers up and running fast while remaining fully compliant. With Movius, customers can be confident and nimble as the world continues its shift to digital, avoiding the hazards of cobbled-together solutions that can lead to regulatory investigations and fines.

“Our customers are the ones poised to win in this new era of work-from-anywhere,” said Movius CEO John Loiacono.  “Simply forwarding a business line to an employee’s home or mobile phone will fall short of requirements. Our mission is to provide firms with compliant, reliable mobile communications that enable employees to interact with their clients whether they are at the office, at home, or traveling by car or train.”

Movius MultiLine is a secure mobile communication app that can be deployed over any smartphone device on any carrier globally. MultiLine unifies business communications using a separate business number for compliant calling and texting that can be extended to a desk phone, laptop, and CRM. The solution provides built-in voice and text capture – allowing organizations to maintain the convenience of voice and SMS texting while ensuring the financial and corporate information exchanged is protected.

In February, the company announced the launch of Movius for Salesforce on Salesforce AppExchange. The service empowers sales professionals, financial advisors, insurance agents, wealth and relationship managers, and more to automatically capture client communications directly in Salesforce – providing the ability for businesses to analyze and extract insights to better serve customers and support their bottom line.

About Movius

Movius is the leading global provider in cloud-based secure mobile communications software, helping enterprises deliver better engagement for their clients. Enterprises around the world use the company’s all-in-one mobility platform to connect with their customers in more convenient, cost-effective, and compliant ways. The platform offers an easy way to extend and integrate voice, text, and messaging services into other systems, like CRM or collaboration tools.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Movius has additional locations in Silicon Valley, Calif., and Bangalore, India. Movius works with leading global partners like Sprint, BlackBerry, Telstra, and Telefónica. For more information on Movius, visit

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