Vaij Kunchigi | A Master of Perspective

March 28, 2023

Today Movius honors Vaij Kunchigi, the Quality Assurance Lead who spearheads testing for Movius clients and platform. Vaij’s experience, foresight, and patience have helped propel the company forward.

Rising | Vaij Kunchigi’s career

While still earning his M.Tech in Engineering with a specialty in Electronics & Communication, Vaij Kunchigi conducted research in computer programming. As a post-graduate research fellow Vaij examined Vedic mathematics’ application to computer science.

Vedic mathematics is a compendium of mathematical techniques developed by a monk who was inspired by the Veda, the most ancient Hindu scripture. (1) “Interest in Vedic Mathematics is growing in the field of computer science where researchers are …using this ancient technique for implementation of fast algorithms.” (2) While the subject matter of his research is interesting, the most important aspect of Vaij’s research experience is that it taught him the importance of good process.

Vaij developed his career, honed his skills, and joined Movius as a QA Lead in 2018. QA Leads ensure that the software meets the required standards. They must predict and troubleshoot any errors prior to taking the product or solution to market and they must test the product at every stage of development. This is crucial to healthy software design.

At Movius, Vaij leads the QA activities for Movius MultiLine application and third-party integrations such as Microsoft Teams calling, WeChat, WhatsApp and more. You can check out more about our integrations on our products page.

Quality | Creating beautiful software

 When asked, “what do you think is the most important lesson a Tech Lead should learn?,” Vaij responded, “The transition to tech lead is never easy, and every journey is unique. There’s no manual and you’ll need to figure things out as you go. Take time to read, experiment, learn, and reflect. You will make mistakes, but what matters most is learning from them. That’s how you’ll grow as a leader.”

Vaij explains, “Any time you are designing a feature, you must remember to look at it with fresh eyes. I work on this every day so I understand the user interface, but a new client might not understand the user interface, and we are designing this technology for them. We must remember their perspective.”

Incidentally, this innovation is not unlike what Vedic mathematics teaches: the way you think about the arithmetic equations affects the way you solve them and the way you think about the software you’re creating affects the way you create it.

Life beyond software

Outside of work, Vaij works as a volunteer for The Art of Living Foundation. He practices yoga and meditation and leads yoga classes. Vaij is active, loves to cycle, and he has run multiple marathons. He is dedicated to his beautiful family, as I could see when his nine-year-old daughter waved hi to me while I was interviewing her dad.

Excellence | Vaij’s Results

Perhaps Vaij’s success at Movius derives from the fact that he never loses sight of the end goal. Vaij never forgets the people for whom he is designing this technology. His mastery of perspective has caused the company to produce a better product for the end user.

Vaij continues to lead the critical role in the Mobile Testing Team at Movius and now he is the tech lead for MultiLine’s new WeChat messaging connector and multiple other exciting initiatives that are not yet ready for public disclosure. His involvement with high-level design is rooted in his aptitude and empathy with the end user. His leadership, foresight, and experience  help drive this company to new heights.



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