Rising, Dedication, Excellence | Software Architect Pradeep Behera 

March 9, 2023

In 2006, shortly after earning a degree in engineering with a specialty in electronics and telecommunications, Pradeep Behera decided to take a chance on a new company called Movius. He has watched this company grow over the past seventeen years. In a way, he and Movius have grown together.

Rising | Pradeep’s career

Pradeep first served as a Quality Assurance Engineer. This role performs regular testing of the product at every stage of development. QA’s must predict and troubleshoot any possible error prior to taking the product or solution to market. Over time, Pradeep honed his skills and was promoted to the Director of the QA team. He led the team and created the internal testing framework at Movius. This framework drove the Movius engineering team’s success for many years.

Pradeep transitioned into a Developer role, but the company is still using his internal testing framework for our voicemail products. Pradeep developed the opt-in feature of MultiLine, which is one of the most important features for staying compliant. In many industries, it’s against regulations to text consumers unless they consent, so businesses must request consent using opt-in messages. The messages must be designed and deployed in a specific way. You can check out some of the other features he worked on at our Product page.

Now, Pradeep is a Software Architect, closely involved with high-level design. Pradeep can use his creativity, vision, and extensive experience to innovate, create, and design more solutions. Ever the heavy lifter, right now Pradeep is most focused on field issues—a broad category of software development known for being arduous because there are so many uncontrolled variables. Even though it’s difficult, Pradeep explained, “That’s what we need right now,” so that’s what he’s doing.

Dedication | Pradeep’s philosophy

Pradeep spearheaded the development of in-house automatic testing at Movius, back when computers were the size of televisions. One of his biggest accomplishments was designing the technology for conducting automatic testing on telecommunications software “in sequence or in parallel.”

When asked about his work, Pradeep explained that as a Developer he worked mostly in Ruby on Linux. Now, because he is involved with the earlier stages of development, he is charged with seeing organizer checks in JIRA. He reviews API documentation so that the product can be audited.

When asked, “What do you think it takes to become a successful software developer?” Pradeep answered, “A software developer needs to be focused on the requirements from the beginning and be skilled on how the code can be written very clean. I have to be sure that the functions that have already been written can be reused,” as re-using the same code for the same function results in smooth user experiences.

Pradeep’s dedication and selflessness are manifest in his attention to detail.  It was his ability to notice the smallest problems which propelled him through his various stages of responsibility.

Excellence | Pradeep’s results

When asked what he does outside of work, Pradeep explained that he was involved in the municipal levels of government. He is passionate about making sure his city is clean. Because densely populated areas like Bangalore can struggle with water systems and waste disposal—and perhaps because few want to deal with a problem as multifaceted and difficult as that one—Pradeep took it on in his spare time.

His whole adult life, Pradeep has been working hard for his company and his people. That is why Movius would like to take time to recognize him.

Connect with Pradeep here.



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