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Movius Team and Keep North Fulton Beautiful: A Day of Recycling and Environmental Awareness

October 20, 2023

At Movius, we believe in making a positive impact on the environment. We encourage recycling at our Alpharetta office, which is proudly in a LEED-certified building with access to public and private group transportation. Continuing to put our values into action, a group of nine Movius employees volunteered at Keep North Fulton Beautiful.

We sorted plastic, baled recyclables, and picked up trash around the street. This volunteering experience was educational and aligned with our campaign to raise awareness about environmentally friendly behaviors.

Recycling at Keep North Fulton Beautiful

Upon arriving at the recycling facility, we were welcomed by the dedicated staff of Keep North Fulton Beautiful. Our day began with a thorough introduction to the facility’s operations. We were fascinated to learn about the many steps in the process of recycling.

Movius volunteers learning about the recycling process

Creating Bales

Creating bales is a crucial step in recycling, as it compacts recyclable materials like plastic, aluminum, and cardboard into manageable, stackable units.

The first step in baling recyclables is stringing the baler. Stringing the baler refers to loading and threading twine or wire into the baler machine. This process is essential for the proper operation of the baler and creating securely tied and compacted bales.

Movius employees string a baler

Once a baler is stringed, we sort and toss materials from the bin into the baler. It was a dirty task, but rewarding to see the transformation of loose materials into neatly bundled bales, ready for further processing.

Movius volunteers throwing aluminum cans into a baler

Sorting Plastics

The staff at Keep North Fulton Beautiful patiently taught us to identify and sort plastics based on their resin codes and color. We were also instructed to trash any plastic items that were not clean, as only a little bit of dish soap in a container is acceptable, not food debris or other contaminants. It was a valuable lesson that highlighted the importance of recycling responsibly to reduce contamination and maximize the efficiency of recycling facilities.

Movius volunteers sorting plastic

Trash Cleanup

Litter, the improper disposal of waste in public spaces, leads to a range of problems. It harms the environment by polluting landscapes, contaminating soil and water, and posing risks to wildlife. Litter has public health implications, as it can attract disease vectors and pose injury hazards.

It was surprising just how much litter had been tossed into this small patch of land. Please don’t litter and discourage anyone you know from littering, too. Litter negatively affects community pride and local economies. It also has long-term consequences, as many litter items, like plastics, persist for centuries.

Movius volunteers cleaning trash near the sidewalk

Building Awareness About Environmental Responsibility

Our volunteering experience at Keep North Fulton Beautiful was about more than just getting our hands dirty. It was an opportunity to witness the hard work that goes into recycling and to gain a deeper understanding of the environmental challenges our community faces. By sharing our experience, we hope to inspire others to adopt eco-friendly behaviors and support organizations like Keep North Fulton Beautiful.

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