6 New-Age Productivity Tools for Remote Marketing Teams

November 17, 2022

In the last decade, there’s been a gradual shift to a remote working environment. Even more so in the last 2 years. Remote work has allowed employees to maintain a work-life balance, eliminate work-related stress, and enjoy greater flexibility.

Working from home doesn’t come without its challenges. Productivity and team collaboration could take a hit. You must address drawbacks such as lack of face-to-face interaction, employees working in different time zones, and other challenges to prevent loss in employees’ productivity.

With the right productivity tools, these issues can be addressed. And what’s better is that these remote work tools also make work easier for your employees.

Types of Tools for Remote Marketing Teams

  • Collaboration and communication tools that allow team members to work together more efficiently.
  • Productivity tools that streamline the working process.
  • File storage tools for organizing important files and folders.
  • Project management tools for managing tasks and projects.
  • Time tracking tools to assess the productivity levels of your employees.

6 Must-Have Productivity Tools

1. Narrato – Content Workflow Management Platform


Narrato is a content workflow platform for content teams, content writing agencies, web design agencies, and other businesses that need to manage content operations in-house. Think of it as a one-stop shop for all your content needs, whether it’s content planning, creation, optimization, team management, or content workflow management.

Here are some of the unique features of this tool that can help increase productivity –

  • Content Workflow Management: Create custom content workflows with color-marked workflow status, and automate workflows.
  • Powerful content editor with AI writer: AI Writer, available with the content editor, auto-generates content for a variety of use cases, like ad copies, video scripts, product descriptions, headlines, and more.
  • SEO Content Brief:  Get keywords, topics/questions to include, and references through the SEO brief generator.
  • Content Calendar: Plan your content weeks/months in advance.
  • Collaboration features: @mentions, on-platform messaging, and in-line comments.
  • WordPress integration to make publishing content easier.

Narrato also provides a Content Marketplace if you wish to outsource content creation. Avail the services of quality-vetted freelance writers or go for the managed content writing service, where you’ll get a dedicated account manager.

Pricing: Marketing teams just getting started can use Narrato for free. Paid plans start from $9 per user per month. Narrato also provides custom plans for your unique needs.

2. MultiLine by Movius – Advanced Communication Platform

MultiLine by Movius is an excellent tool for your remote marketing, customer success, and sales teams. This tool easily integrates with Salesforce CRM, to allow you to streamline workflows, increase productivity and change the way you communicate. MultiLine enables you to coach your remote workers’ outreach efforts, and track and review their calls and text threads with clients.

Some unique features of this tool include:

  • Launch to 100s or 1000s of end-users in days using an easy invitation-based activation process
  • Simply download and activate the app using the invitation to access a secure business line with its own phone number
  • Simple dialer and business tools, such as call forwarding/sequencing, business scheduler, and more
  • MultiLine + Recording: Cloud-based recording of messages and calls easily export to a company’s archive of choice
  • MultiLine + WhatsApp: Allows compliant WhatsApp Business messaging from the MultiLine App
  • MultiLine + ARYA: AI tool that provides end-users 24/7 instant support on reports of poor call quality

Pricing: To obtain the pricing details, get a demo or fill out the request form.

3. Clockify- Time Tracking Software


Clockify is an all-in-one time management tool that can empower your remote workers to optimize their work routines and increase their productivity. The software runs in the background as your employees work, and it logs their time expenditures throughout the day. With Clockify, your remote marketing team can gain insights into their daily, weekly, and monthly productivity. This tool also provides detailed reports for optimizing one’s routine.

Pricing: Besides the free plan, Clockify provides four other plans – Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The paid plans start from $3.99 per user per month.

4. Loom – Synchronous Team Communication


Loom is an excellent team communication software, especially great for distributed teams. This tool cuts down the time taken up by meetings in half, as it allows users to record videos to share with their colleagues. With Loom, your employees can record their screens and themselves to share it with their colleagues.

  • Visually share your ideas
  • Provide context-based feedback
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Give personalized support to clients and colleagues.

Pricing: Besides the free plan, there are Business ($8 per user per month) and Enterprise plans too.

5. Easil – Collaborative Graphic Designing


With Easil, you can enable your remote marketing team to create branded graphics and videos quickly and efficiently. This tool comes with an easy drag-and-drop interface that makes it easier for your team to design content like a pro.

  • Create unique Brand Kits for every sub-team.
  • Use Brand Restrictions to control which parts of the graphic can be edited, removed, or swapped.
  • Use design sharing to collaborate with team members on a design project.

Pricing: Easil provides 4 plans – Free, Plus, Edge and Enterprise. The paid plans start from $7.50 per user per month.

6. Sync – Document Collaboration and File Storage


Sync is a file storage and document collaboration software. It allows your remote teams to share and collaborate on documents and files securely. It removes any unnecessary back and forth on document collaboration, which can eat into your employees’ time and productivity. The ground-breaking privacy protection features of this tool ensure that all your company data remains safe.

Pricing: Sync plans for teams start from $6 per user per month.

Wrap Up


In the age of remote working, these tools can provide your distributed marketing teams a chance to stay productive and connected. And the best part is that none of these tools require a steep learning curve. Try them out today and watch your marketing team productivity skyrocket.

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