Myth #1 = BYOD is too difficult to implement

April 14, 2017

This is the first in a series of blog posts that seek to dispel commonly-held myths about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).
Bring Your Own Device…it sounds like a very simple idea. However, thanks to a number of misconceptions, it also sounds incredibly scary to a lot of IT managers and CIOs. At the head of their list of concerns is the notion that BYOD is too difficult to implement.

Why? Here are some of the common fallacies about BYOD and the truth behind the rumors.

Misconception: You need everyone who participates to be on the same carrier.

You don’t, actually. While it’s true that early in the BYOD evolution, the only way it could work was if all participating employees were on the same network. But that isn’t true any more. Movius is carrier-agnostic, which means that your company’s BYOD plan is more attractive to employees who don’t want to give up their preferred carrier.

Misconception: Everyone needs to have the same device.

Not true! Any device at all is BYOD-eligible. In fact, with Movius, people can use the devices they prefer, and companies get the control they need over security, compliance and costs. Which is good news, because whether employers like it or not, people are already using their personal devices for work. In fact, nearly 70% of American workers say they use their personal mobile phones for work.

Misconception: I won’t be reimbursed fairly.

While most services now offer the ability to break out business and personal costs for calls and texts, Movius is currently the only service available that provides data and analytics about calls, texts and data. All work-related calls and messages can be kept isolated from personal matters, without infringing on employees’ personal data and privacy. And because CIOs have the usage data and insights they need, they can adapt their costs and the services they offer to employees — helping to increase employee trust and productivity while lowering costs.
For more information on how your company can seamlessly implement a bring-your-own-device program, download our new eBook, “10 Ways A Second Line Service Leads To BYOD Success.

Stay tuned for more BYOD myth-busting!

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